Bon Tran: Be. Do. Have.

Bon Tran is a life coach and fitness trainer specializing in helping people achieve their weight-loss goals, make healthy transformations to their lifestyles, and achieve better performance in their lives. For many of his clients, he does this directly in their homes.

Every single day that Bon wakes up, he gets to do something he loves, something that allows him to share his gift with the world. He gets to inspire people to do things they normally wouldn’t do. He educates people about who they have to become and helps them do what’s necessary to get what they want out their lives. For Bon, it’s great to see the changes in someone, from the inside out, knowing that they’re improving their quality of life, learning how to live a healthier lifestyle and, most importantly, loving themselves.

Bon Tran sat down with The Edge to answer a few questions about fitness, his services, and his motto “BE. DO. HAVE.”

Why do people struggle to get results?

Every day you wait is another day you live without the solution!

If you’ve been struggling with weight loss…

If you’ve been struggling with self-confidence…

If you’ve been struggling with fitting in a certain piece of clothing that you love…

If you’ve been struggling with getting started because you simply don’t know where to start…

Then I can help you.

It’s all about the formula for success: BE. DO. HAVE.

This can be applied to anything in our lives, whether you’re trying to build a business, improve your relationship, or, in this case, lose weight and live healthier.

This is what usually happens when people go for their fitness goals: they go on a diet and go to the gym. This will last for a few weeks, and a lot of them have great success for those first few weeks, but then they plateau or lose focus, and most will go back to their old habits of junk food and sitting at home watching Netflix instead of eating right and going to the gym.

But it’s not the diet that counts, it’s who you have to be to follow the diet that counts. It’s a mindset; it’s your thinking. Each year millions of people chase the perfect diet or drug that will help them magically become fit. They focus on what they have to do instead of first focusing on who they have to be to achieve that goal. A diet won’t help if your thoughts don’t match. BE (thoughts/mindset) and then DO (what needs to be done) and finally you will HAVE (your desired goal).

You’ll have ups and downs during this journey, that’s totally normal. But first you have to get into the right mindset.

Work on strengthening your mind first. If your mental, emotional, and spiritual side (the “inner self”) is out of shape, you’ll never be able to find the level of success in life you hope to find, no matter how hard you work. Condition and train yourself aggressively both inside and out.

What kind of people do you help?

My clients are awesome people who put everyone else first. They’re loving and committed to their families, often successful in their careers, but they struggle with one aspect of their life, and that’s their health. They’re capable of improving their strength and fitness on their own but would prefer to have someone experienced – and someone who cares – to help them develop the right habits and lead them down the path to success. They realize that hiring a coach will help them get results faster and take the frustration and guesswork out of achieving their goals.

Why in-home?

When you hire an in-home, mobile trainer, it becomes a lot easier to achieve your goals. With in-home training you don’t have to plan your meals, figure out your exercise routine, or even make the trip to the gym. I bring the gym to you, help you establish healthy habits, and enable you to achieve your goals.

Benefits of in-home training include:

  • Flexibility – works around your schedule
  • Time savings – no travel to and from the gym
  • Personal attention – I’m there with you, helping you safely get the most out of every movement
  • Customized programs designed to help you achieve your goals
  • Meal plans tailored to your specific needs
  • Equipment designed to help you target specific muscle groups

Bon Tran Fitness, serving York Region, Toronto, and Barrie.



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