The Best U.S. Cities to Weather Global Warming

best cities to weather global warming


In Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, a father struggles desperately to shield his son from the consequences of an unnamed catastrophe, assumed by many to be related to climate change. In this post-apocalyptic tale, food can no longer be grown and hunger has driven some people mad, to the point where they form gangs to enslave fellow humans for sex and cannibalism.

While the book is gruesome to read, McCarthy himself said that he was driving home a point, and he wants us to remember it while there’s still time.

The Consequences if Nothing is Done

The effects of climate change—droughts, earthquakes, hurricanes—are now being felt all over the world, and scientific models predict they will only get worse over the coming century. Hurricanes Irma, Maria and others have wrought widescale destruction, and show just how potent Mother Nature’s fury can be. Our planet isn’t just getting hotter, it’s destabilizing with potentially catastrophic repercussions for all life on Earth.

What is in store for us, if nothing is done, is extinction. Most places will become uninhabitable; agriculture will become scarce, causing famine and increasing wars; ancient plagues trapped in the arctic ice will be set free; and the oceans will become too poisonous to support life.

The effects will be felt worldwide, so the solution is not to escape the ravages caused by global warming, but to combat them with all the tools at our disposal; through our purchasing power and the influence we wield over governments.

U.S. Cities with the Best Likelihood of Survival

We do know climate change will be a huge factor in the years to come (at least the years while Earth is still habitable), and it’s wise to take it into consideration when deciding to buy a home or relocating. At the moment, many people are only considering economic factors, and buy properties in future disaster zones that they might soon regret.

Camilo Mora, a geologist at the University of Hawaii, explained the long-term effects of climate change in an interview with The New York Times, saying, “The best place, really, is Alaska… Alaska is going to be the next Florida by the end of the century.”

But if buying a property in Homer, Alaska doesn’t interest you, Business Insider compiled a list of 13 U.S. cities slated to best weather the ravages of climate change:

Seattle, Washington
Portland, Oregon
San Francisco, California
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Madison, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
Denver, Colorado
Salt Lake City, Utah
Phoenix, Arizona
Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

These cities all have thriving economies as well as the infrastructure to deal with droughts, flooding, hurricanes and other disasters. They’re also the best suited for young business professionals who want to ensure their long-term welfare.

Nezha Boutamine | The Edge Blog


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