Becoming a Millionaire: Books that Inspired Global Entrepreneurs

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Becoming a Millionaire: Books that Inspired Global Entrepreneurs

by admin - 2 min read

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Who knew that one of the secrets to success was to read more! Most iconic entrepreneurs, those who are revered globally for their success and business acumen, had to start somewhere. Many honed their skills in school or in an internship or even an entry-level job. At the same time, most global entrepreneurs can also name that one book that inspired them to strive for greatness.


Here are five books that influenced some of the world’s leading entrepreneurial minds. You might even be surprised by a couple of the choices.

Mark Cuban – How to Retire by the Age of 35

There are few faces more synonymous with success than Mark Cuban. From the Dallas Mavericks to the hit TV show Shark Tank, Cuban is outspoken, charismatic and knows how to turn one buck into two. His fortune is valued at over $3 billion.

He attributes the first million dollars he made to reading How to Retire by the Age of 35. Written by Paul Terhorst in 1988, this book isn’t about flashy investment schemes but instead calls for frugality and savings. Every time Cuban reprimands an entrepreneur on Shark Tank, you can hear Terhorst’s words shining through.


Steve Jobs – The Fountainhead

As most know, Steve Jobs was a unique personality, constantly going against the grain. He didn’t gravitate towards your popular business books; instead, he was motivated by The Fountainhead. Written by Ayn Rand, the fictional story chronicles the progress and pitfalls of two architects. It’s a story about ego and ambition, and takes a defiant attitude towards mediocrity – all traits associated with Steve Jobs’ career.


Tory Burch – One Hundred Years of Solitude

Like Steve Jobs, Tory Burch was inspired by a rather colourful novel, as opposed to a business book. The fashion designer and entrepreneur has cited Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s magical realism novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, as the book that inspired her to take chances and see the world in a different light. It’s a bold choice for a bold businesswoman.


Warren Buffett – The Intelligent Investor

First published in 1949 to critical acclaim, The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham has influenced the careers of many successful entrepreneurs. The book’s prudent advice helped Buffett understand value investing and inspired him to take an important step towards making the first of his many millions.


Jeff Bezos – The Remains of the Day

Amazon’s CEO and one of the world’s most recognizable entrepreneurs has a different take on a book that influenced him. Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day centres on the regretful life of a repressed English butler. It’s a contemplative, moving story, and not one that most entrepreneurs would look to for inspiration.


Books have a transformative power. They teach new ideas, shift old perspectives and they’re part of the recipe that breeds success. Budding entrepreneurs should read a mix of fiction and non-fiction to find inspiration that can help them reach their goals.



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