Back To Basics; 5 Indispensable Skills For Career Success

Indispensable Skills

The working world is always changing, and the expectations of your basic skill sets will change with it. In the 21st century, skills that were once anomalies are now ones you are expected to have. From the inner workings of social media to fast pace problem-solving skills, here are the basic skills you need today.


Technology skills

From computers to smartphones, understanding the ins and outs of technology is mandatory in today’s working world. You must understand the basics of technology to get around in any office. However, new forms of technology are constantly released, so it is important to stay on top of the latest trends.

Social media

From little mom-and-pop shops to large corporations, everyone has a social media account. These days, companies look to their social media platforms to engage with their audience and understand the needs of their customers. It is important to understand how to use the many social media platforms and even have your own. In fact, according to a study done by Career Builder, 43 per cent of employers surveyed are more likely to hire someone with a social media presence.

Understanding analytics

Analytics plays an important role in companies of the 21st century, so it is imperative that you understand how to read an analytics report. Analytics are used to track audience and customer engagement and satisfaction, forecast sales, and digital and foot traffic for companies. You don’t necessarily have to understand the finite numbers that come along with an analytics report; however, it is important that you have basic knowledge of how to read an analytics report. Having the ability to understand the information on an analytics report will not only give you a better understanding of consumer engagement but also give you an idea of where to lead your company next.

Communication skills

While it is important to be able to compose an email or office memo in a cohesive and error free manner, there is one element of communication skills that is often overlooked – listening. Listening is an important aspect to everybody’s life, allowing you to understand those around you. These days with so many distractions like smartphones, having the ability to listen is in short supply. Listening skills are an important tool in not only your personal life but also your work life.

Problem-solving skills

We no longer live in a world where it is just the NASA engineer who is expected to have the problem-solving skills that can turn aluminum tubing and duct tape into a breathing apparatus. While your workplace may not be as intense as an intergalactic emergency, employees of all kinds are now expected to have a basic set of problem-solving skills. Employees now more than ever are given more responsibilities, and are expected to think quickly when any challenges arise, even if they don’t have the formal education or background for the problem at hand. It is important to develop your problem-solving skills in today’s working world.



J. D’Agostino | The Edge Blog


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