Android Box: the New Way of Watching TV

Android TV

Not too long ago every household had a landline, cable, and an internet connection. If you wanted to call someone, watch TV or look something up on your computer, you needed to pay your telecommunications provider a monthly fee. And they weren’t cheap! Some people were paying over $200 a month for all three. But things had begun to change. Cell phones were the catalyst. Many people were, and still are, canceling their home phone because it has become obsolete. Now when one hears their home phone ring, they probably think it is a telemarketer, so it will likely go straight to the answering machine.

But it does not stop here. This narrative goes beyond cell phones. It’s a war, and an Android Box is your new weapon. If you own one, you have started a battle with the corporate cable owners. You are refusing to pay their ridiculous cable prices to watch your favorite shows.

Are Android Boxes taking over cable?

I would say yes but not yet! Every friend of mine and every co-worker seems to have one. If I talk to a random person, they either have one or have been thinking of purchasing one. But if they have one, does that mean they canceled their cable? Probably not because the new technology is difficult to navigate through, especially for the older generation. They are the ones who still have cable and still pay the high monthly fees because “it’s easier to change the channels up and down” than going into Kodi, a program that these boxes rely on, and trying to find the stream. However, anyone who has used an android phone and is tech savvy will find it easy to use.

Why Choose an Android Box

Android Boxes are appealing because they provide live TV streams from all around the world with a Netflix type of feel, giving you the ability to watch any show at any time. If you missed your favorite show, you can go into your box and watch it for free. Or you can pay a provider a cheap monthly fee for an unlimited number of channels. The best part is that most channels are in HD! And don’t worry sports fan, you can watch all kinds of sports with the box! You just have to find the proper link that will provide you with the best live or recorded streams.

There are a variety of them available for purchase online, but the cheapest are on Amazon. They can cost $100 or $400. My personal favorite is the Android KitKat M9S because it’s fast and inexpensive.

The War

In June 2016, corporate giants Rogers and Bell began to fight back. Using their legal strengths, they have been trying to put a stop to Android Boxes. They are currently attacking 45 companies that are selling and programming the boxes. But I do not see them winning this war. As Patrick O’Rourke, writer for the tech site MobileSyrup, said, “I don’t see this court case changing anything. You shut down these companies, there’ll be hundreds more that will pop up.” It is similar to the Napster case, because once it lost its battle with the music industry, people started using torrents to download their music.

If these companies want to battle effectively, they should just provide users with what they demand – provide the service at a more affordable rate. I bet many would pay for cable if it is pocket friendly.

Now I will turn it around to you. What do you think? Do you hate paying ridiculously high fees for cable? If you already own one, did you cancel your cable service because the Android Box provides you with everything you need? Or maybe you dislike both services?


Michael Policicchio | The Edge Blog



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